[Bell Historians] Bradenstoke chapel clock bell

Susan & Christopher Dalton dalton.family at v...
Thu Jun 3 11:23:33 BST 2004

> Does anyone know anything of the clock bell at Bradenstoke Providence
> Chapel? Our local clock historian has been sent a photo of the chapel clock
> (a 2-train iron frame turret clock), believed to have been made by John
> Broome of Castle Combe, 'clockmaker & joyner' (1772-1775). The sender of
> the photo tells me that John Broome's name is cast into the clock bell. Can
> anyone confirm this or (even better) is there a photo of the bell?
> Anne Willis
[Not very easy to get at! But through binoculars from the ground I can
confirm that the bell appears to be same date as clock. I'd need to get up
to it, though, before hazarding a guess as to the founder (or taking a
useful photograph). It is only about 10 inches in diameter. The chapel was
built in 1777. CD]

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