Edenbridge & Wrotham

Bill Hibbert bill at h...
Thu Jun 3 22:56:15 BST 2004


> What do people think of this form of presentation

I think it is very clear, it shows the tuning well for those of us 
who think in pictures. Three comments:
* I can't imagine where you got the Pythagorian tuning from, I don't 
know of any sensible attempt to tune in this mode, it sounds vile!
* I think you are wrong in saying the human ear can detect anything 
over 20 Hz, the theoretical figure is 10 cents (not Hz) but one can 
often get away with more than this
* If you have time / inclination, it's worth including the 
superquint and octave nominal as well, their compatibility across 
the peal is a good clue to whether the peal was 'designed' or 
just 'cast'.

Small points though, I think this graphical presentation works.

Bill H

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