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Fri Jun 4 09:59:39 BST 2004

>From Bill:
> I think it is very clear, it shows the tuning well for those of us 
who think in pictures. Three comments:


> * I can't imagine where you got the Pythagorian tuning from, I don't 
know of any sensible attempt to tune in this mode, it sounds vile!

Um - I got it from your website and your spreadsheet. Are you suggesting
that there is absolutely no point in making comparisons with the Pythagorean
(apologies for my spelling mistake on the s/sheet)? Are there any other
scales worth comparing (you make reference to the Werkmeister temperament
for example).

> * I think you are wrong in saying the human ear can detect anything 
over 20 Hz, the theoretical figure is 10 cents (not Hz) but one can 
often get away with more than this

My typo - meant to say 20 cents, not Hz. I was advised this figure but am
happy to change it. (I guess it negates the need for the error bars on the
horizontal True Harmonic calibration lines.)	

* If you have time / inclination, it's worth including the 
superquint and octave nominal as well, their compatibility across 
the peal is a good clue to whether the peal was 'designed' or 
just 'cast'.

The spreadsheet is also capable of superquint and octave nominal, but G&J
didn't record these in their tuning books until quite late (after the war I
think). I have also raided Richard Offen's tuning book for figures from jobs
around 1970 - again, only 5 tones are recorded.

I have put another version up incorporating these changes. It is for
Tunstall, Kent (JT 1995):
Before Andrew Higson has kittens, I should say that the sound samples used
were not made using high quality equipment and so the absolute frequencies I
give may not match his (although it would be interesting to compare

Thanks too to Carl Z for his comments, most of which I have also



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