[Bell Historians] G&J Simpson tuning

David Bryant david at b...
Sun Jun 6 13:29:07 BST 2004

> Interesting that G&J based their early "Simpson" tuned bells on the Taylor
chime at Turnham Green, Chiswick. This seems perfectly credible, given the
date and the convenience for a bit of industrial espionage from nearby
> According to Taylors' record, the bells at Turnham Green were completed on
24 April 1907 - slightly after Elstree School (hour bell cast in December
1906 and the rest in February 1907) but before G&J's true-harmonic output
started in earnest. Details of Turnham Green - with relatively light little
bells cast to chiming scales - are:

That definitely is chiming scale. Do we know when Taylor's started
differentiating between the weights of trebles in rings and chimes? It
appears to be early in the C20. We've discussed this before without coming
to any conclusion, but more members have joined the list since then.


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