[Bell Historians] Little Bredy (was Chislehurst)

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Wed Jun 9 20:04:56 BST 2004

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> David Bryant <david at b...> wrote:
>> The reverse happened at St Anthony in Menage a few years ago ... I believe
the Taylor bells were going to that place (can't remember the name) in
> Dorset with the six bell chime including odd-shaped bells. Has this
> happened?
> Little Bredy is the name. I would also like to know whether this has
> happened yet and more particularly the fate of the 1850 odd-shaped
> bells. I understood that one was to be retained in the chime of six,
> but what of the others? Surely, the oddest should have been preserved
> as how not to cast a bell:) Did a definitive answer as to who cast
> them ever materialise? Nick
[Yes, it happened. The best of the four bells of 1850 was retained as the
fourth in six but the other three were scrapped. It turns out that the
bells were cast in Cullompton, but evidently after the departure of the
Pannells to Exeter and Warners respectively. I have tried to tell the story
so far as I now know it in Dorset Bells and Belfries Part III (be patient!).

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