[Bell Historians] Little Bredy (was Chislehurst)

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Tue Jun 8 14:41:12 BST 2004

Yes it has happened. Mr Nicholson of Bridport did the job as he had the two 
Taylor bells mentioned. One new WCBF bell was also added
The odd looking bells were ditched all bar one which I think is now the 
Matthew Higby and I looked at the bells and infact took some sound clips of 
how the bells originally sounded. I will ask Matthew if he can up load the 
sound clip for any one who is interested.
I haven't had a chance to go back yet but I hope the spirit of the chiming 
mechanism lives on. It was a marvellous idea sort of bell hanging meets tracker 
action from an organ. Next time I'm visiting my relations in the big house I 
will go and see.....


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