[Bell Historians] Riverside / Chicago (was Oakham G&J)

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> Don't have the Riverside figures to hand, but Chicago University 
were being cast at the same time. Again 72 bells, this carillon in 

The fact that the Chicago carillon may be better than Riverside may 
lie in the fact that it was cast as a complete instrument at the same 
time, and remains the largest and heaviest to have been so done. 
There is a sound clip on the North American Carillons site with the 
bass bells swinging. There is an excellent article on the carillon 
in The Society of Engineers Journal & Transactions Vol xx111 
July/September 1932, No.3.
Riverside carillon was composed of new bells from G&J and the Park 
Avenue Baptist Church carillon. The Van Bergen bells have been 
replaced by Whitechapel.
I understand that Van Bergen would have had the lot out were it not 
for the difficulties in getting the big ones out.
On Oakham, I was told today that in 1910 the church was advised to 
have the bells weighed on arrival because the figures supplied by G&J 
were not always accurate. I don't know if they did. Looking at 
Nigel Taylor's figures for the tenor, they should have done!

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