[Bell Historians] Riverside / Chicago (was Oakham G&J)

Richard Offen richard.offen at o...
Sun Jun 13 13:18:12 BST 2004

> All this comes from Jim Hedgcock saying that he couldn't lay his 
hand on the Riverside figures; neither can I. The late Jim Lawson 
told me that Chicago is a far better instrument (not least because of 
the tower, and not having had 3/4 of its bells replaced by van 
Bergen). As I had the data to hand, it seemed worth sharing for 
anyone who is interested.
> DLC 

The van Bergen bells were recast at Whitechapel a couple of years 
ago. I gather the restored carillon is much improved as a result, 
although I haven't heard it yet - the recital I was going to listen 
to when I was there last year had been cancelled for some reason 
(probably heard I was in town!).


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