[Bell Historians] Riverside / Chicago (was Oakham G&J)

Carl S Zimmerman csz_stl at s...
Sun Jun 13 23:09:36 BST 2004

At 12:18 +0000 2004/06/13, Richard Offen wrote:
>The van Bergen bells were recast at Whitechapel a couple of years
>ago. I gather the restored carillon is much improved as a result,
>although I haven't heard it yet - the recital I was going to listen
>to when I was there last year had been cancelled for some reason
>(probably heard I was in town!).

"Recast" is incorrect. The Vanbergen bells were taken down and put 
in storage somewhere in the depths of Riverside Church. The 
Whitechapel bells are a replacement for them. (This information came 
from the current carillonneur at Riverside, at the beginning of the 

Of the 74 bells, 66 are currently connected to the new keyboard. The 
remaining 8 are in place, and are to be connected in early September. 
The dedication (or rededication) of the carillon will take place on 
Sept.26. The dedicatory recital (which will also be a memorial to 
the late James R. Lawson, once carillonneur here) will be played by 
Milford Myhre. (This information was reported at the GCNA Congress 
last week by the current carillonneur at Riverside.)

The reconstruction project has taken about four years. I don't know 
when the Riverside carillon got back to being partially playable, but 
I doubt that it was last year.


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