Easingwold / G&J

Richard Offen richard.offen at o...
Mon Jun 14 16:05:19 BST 2004

> We rang at Coleman's Hatch in Sussex on Saturday - G&J 1913. 
Pleasant overall, but far from perfect tuning and with some very odd 
sounds. The trebles are a bit like meat-plates being smashed on a 
china stall at the village fete, but less "twangy" than some of the 
> Also rang at Withyham (Taylor 1908), and very nice too
> CP

The treble at Coleman's Hatch sounds as if it's cracked, but it 
isn't - I went over it with a fine-tooth comb many years ago and all 
I could find was exceptionally thick shoulders - presumably inserted 
to keep the fundamentals up.

I am about 15,000 miles away from my records, but if I remember 
correctly Withyham are not a complete Taylor ring ...smashing 

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