Bill Hibbert bill at h...
Tue Jun 15 13:45:08 BST 2004

In an idle moment, I converted CD's tuning figures for Wolverhampton 
into frequencies so I could plug them into my spreadsheets.

The result (as I'm sure you all saw from his figures) is that the 
bells are true harmonic to within a few cents, the quints are all 
good, and the nominals are pretty exactly Just, with no stretch. The 
tierces scale evenly from -914 cents in the treble to -846 cents in 
the tenor, a neat piece of design work. -914 cents is rather flat of 
an equal minor third, -846 cents is exactly midway between a just 
minor and a just major third.

It just goes to show that there's much more bell quality than true-
harmonic tuning.

Bill H

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