Wolverhampton (again)

Bill Hibbert bill at h...
Tue Jun 15 19:00:42 BST 2004

I've now had the opportunity to listen to DB's recordings, and try 
them in changes. The trebles are rather jolly; bright and pingy due 
to their high partials. The difference between the treble and second 
can clearly be heard. I tried the treble tuned up by 20 cents and 
liked it more.

The tenors sound dull and flat, just as I would expect from their 
upper partials. The tenor also has a very loud quint, clearly audible 
in the recording, which is most unusual. The tenors have neither the 
brassiness (due to their flat high partials) nor the resonance (due 
to clappering, metal or whatever) that one has come to expect. Would 
they benefit from sprung clappers?

Bill H

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