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Wed Jun 16 02:39:32 BST 2004

Just to say that the figures for the Freedom Bell aren't in Wally's book (of which I have a copy, kindly provided by Michael Howard some years ago) but in the volumes at Croydon Library (Vol.16 p.7). The bell was used in RW adverts for a while, as has been mentioned, and there are a couple of RW references 1950-52 if anyone wants them.

Having had me knuckles rapped for being subjective, I'm a bit nervous of expressing another opinion - but are Thaxted "a fine ring"? The G&J bells (3-5 and 7) are superb castings, but the ring is dominated by old bells of pretty inferior quality (one by Thomas Gardiner 1734 and three by Mears & Co 1778).


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