Andrew Aspland aaspland at y...
Tue Jun 15 21:50:26 BST 2004

Years ago (G&J have been a long term interest) I drew graphs of the weights
of bells of various G&J peals of which I had the details. Sorry they are
not on excel but all beautifully(!) hand drawn by myself. The F# graph
shows very similar characteristics for Stoke Poges(1912), Edenbridge(1911)
and Tunbridge Wells (1919) - a different and heavier set of weights for
Frittenden(1928), Lydd(1926), Fairwarp(1936) and Audley(1946 but with with
heavier trebles) and a completely odd set of weights for Bowden(1923) which
were recast by Taylors in the 1960s(?) as being horrid.
On my A flat graph the ring that stand out are Newcastle SJB(1926) but they
are not horrid.
Was 1926 significant for G&J in terms of developing profiles especially
across a peal of bells?
PS How many "lost" G&J peals of bells are there?

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