[Bell Historians] Old Bell Frames

Susan & Christopher Dalton dalton.family at v...
Wed Jun 16 09:16:33 BST 2004

Can't answer about the New College Oxford bell-frame as I haven't seen it.
But I think DOCTOR (never forget that) John Eisel has seen it; you could
try him.

Quite a lot of frames still in use for full-circle ringing have substantial
bits of their 15th-century or early 16th century predecessors in them (e.g.
Strensham and Wroxeter). 14th century less likely. The only 15th century
frame still more or less in its original (short-headed) state, and in use
for ringing, that I can think of offhand is at the 3-bell tower of
Middleton, Warwickshire. Most frames with 14th/16th century parts tend to
be at "unringables" (e.g. Hereford St Peter).

That's the best I can offer without going through loads of material in the


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