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Is the frame at New College largely seventeenth-century, or might there be
part of the original fourteenth-century frame in there? Though I spent
three years there, I didn't (and don't, in fact) know how to tell ....


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How about a complete change of subject?

I was chatting to an architect friend of mine over here in Perth the other
evening and we got on to the subject of bells and the frames they are hung
in (he is inspecting architect for one of the churches with a ring of bells
over here).

He wanted to know how old the oldest timber frame is, still 
supporting a regularly use change ringing peal, and where it is? He 
accepted that many frames have evolved over the centuries, but, as he said,
there must be a few left where the majority of material is from one period.

I must admit I couldn't answer his question, but said that I knew a group of
people who could!

Suggestions please.


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