[Bell Historians] attachments

David Bryant david at b...
Wed Jun 16 12:15:34 BST 2004

> Given that the archives do not archive attachments, and that attachments are
> not visible to those who receive emails in digest form or viewing from the
> web interface, might it be a good idea to encourage the use of the Files
> facility rather than attachments generally? We haven't had any difficulty up
> to now. I see more cons than pros here. What do people think?

Some people only receive the email and have not registered a Yahoo username and password so cannot acces the archive (yes, I know they could register one...). I think it would be best if files are sent as attachments and put in the files section, then everybody can access them - I can put them in the files section if necessary.

When sending attachments, please ensure that they aren't too large. Jpegs should be no larger than 100k as an absolute maximum.



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