Wye tenor was Wolverhampton tenor

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Thu Jun 17 07:43:33 BST 2004

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> > I still think that Bagshot are the most remarkable ring 
> > tuned by G & J; they cut nearly 3 1/2 cwt. out of the tenor!
> > Nigel Taylor
> And on the occasion/s that Whitechapel had Wye tenor it has been 
> considerably reduced in weight.

GOVERNMENT HEALTH WARNING - the weight quoted before the work at Wye 
by Whitechapel, in the late 1970s, was the one supplied by Warners 
after they restored the bells in 1913. Warners were infamous for 
having a foot on the scales when they weighed tenors they had 
restored (Tenterden tenor is another example of this), so it would be 
best to ask Nigel Taylor if he can tell us how much was taken out 
rather than jump to inaccurate conclusions!


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