Bagshot and Wye tenor's

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Fri Jun 18 13:49:23 BST 2004

Jim Hedgcock wrote:
>And on the occasion/s that Whitechapel had Wye tenor it has been
considerably reduced in weight.

Wye tenor was received at 20-2-1 and finished at 19-1-8
Bagshot tenor was weighed (after removal of canons at 20-2-11 and 
finished at 17-0-19. The received figures were: 200, 331, 428, 583, 
716. As tuned: 171, 308, 371, 485, 623.
Given that the tenor is 48" and was originally F old concert pitch 
(about halfway between F and F# on modern pitch), I can understand 
C.F.J.'s temptation to lower the key-note to Eb, particularly at what 
was still early days for "harmonic tuning".
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Nigel Taylor

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