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Fri Jun 18 16:11:11 BST 2004

I went to Croydon library today. David Bryant asked for details for
Easingwold, Yorks:

Bell	Diameter	Old weight	New weight
8	38.375	10-2-21	9-3-5	
7	34.25	7-2-18	7-0-17	
6	32.125	6-1-8	5-3-22	
5	31	5-3-16	5-2-9	Not cut
4	29.125	5-1-0	5-0-0	Not cut
3	27.4375	4-2-25	4-1-25	
2	25	3-3-17	New bell
1	24.4375	3-3-17	New bell

Finished 18th May 1950 (apart from the trebles which are 5th June).
Tenor A flat. Nominal 729 (former nominal 731)

I noted the weights of metal tuned out, of the canons and of the staples,
but can't be bothered to type them out unless anyone is really interested.

I look forward to that pint ;)



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