[Bell Historians] Warners and Harmonic Tuning

Susan & Christopher Dalton dalton.family at v...
Mon Jun 21 17:47:58 BST 2004

>> You ought to have heard the eight at Mangotsfield ...
>> They were supposed to be tuned "on the harmonic principles
> advocated by Canon Simpson". That did not happen, and if anyone is
> interested in the pitches, I will post them up. DLC
>> RCO asks about Christ Church, Erith. I rang there last year and
> enjoyed them, but I am informed that this is not a universal
> sentiment.
>> DLC
> The pitches for Mangotsfield would be very interesting to see.
> Thanks David.

[Yes indeed. I didn't think that Mangotsfield bells were that bad - but
then I am rather pro-Warners aren't I? I felt it a pity that re-tuning was
not tried (it has been incredibly successful on the Warner back six at Broad
Blunsdon) rather than lose Warners' last ring in favour of a
not-very-special (if I may be forgiven for saying so) modern lighter eight.
> I'll try and go to Erith with my minidisc recorder next time I'm in
> Kent, then we can find out what they're really like!
[You'll find, I am sure, some very sharp fundamentals on the back bells - cf
Somerton and Pocklington. CD]

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