[Bell Historians] Warners and Harmonic Tuning

Susan & Christopher Dalton dalton.family at v...
Mon Jun 21 17:54:30 BST 2004

> ... I gather from Matthew Higby 
> that the Warner bell in the new ring at Marston Bigot has tuned up
> exceedingly well too.

[It has indeed, but then it was a good bell before. CD]
> So when did Warner's start trying to produce bells with octave hums

[In 1911. CD]

> and did they ever achieve a decent, harmonically tuned ring of bells?
> Richard

[Try Childwall (Liverpool) or Nether Peover. Most of their bigger rings
suffer from back bells with terribly sharp fundamental (alias prime) notes.
Which is odd, because their maiden 30 cwt. bell of 1912 at Lansdowne Clock
Tower, Bournemouth, is pretty well spot-on. CD]

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