[Bell Historians] Warners and Harmonic Tuning

Susan & Christopher Dalton dalton.family at v...
Mon Jun 21 18:17:07 BST 2004

> I have a little theory that it is to do with quality of casting. If you
> have an old bell with a fair amount of porosity and a new bell of similar
> profile but well cast then they don't sound the same - the new bell is much
> stronger toned and if the upper partials in it are discordant then it can
> sound quite unpleasant whereas the old bell lacks the strength of tone and
> the upper partials don't sing out.
> Anyone any evidence to support this?
> Andrew [Aspland]

[I am sure you are right in that this is part of the problem. But how many
profiles really DO match? And do they need to? See my Dorset book for
bells by Bilbie and Warner of very different profiles at Dorchester St Peter
which (to my ears) match very well indeed. CD]

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