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David Bryant david at b...
Tue Jun 22 12:17:02 BST 2004

> There is a lot of good stuff coming out of this site in the discussions.
> Yahoo have now changed the way you can search the archives limiting you to a
> search over a range of only about 20 or so emails. This makes it very
> difficult to recover any info already recorded. Anyone fancy producing and
> maintaining an index? David? :)

I hadn't realised that they'd cocked up the search facility, but having just looked I see that you're right. They might have sent me an email about it, but I get so much crap landing in my inbox that I don't bother to read it all. I imagine this will have been billed as a "service enhancement", a bit like removing attachments from the archive.

The archive will start to lose earlier emails when it eventually reaches its limit (can't remember what this is). I suppose the obvious solution would be to copy and paste every email from the archive into HTML files, say one for each year. Is anyone prepared to do this, either all of it or just one year? It isn't difficult, but will be very time consuming. Once it's done I can put the HTML files on the web.

If anyone is prepared to help with this please email me off-line to discuss formatting, etc.




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