Warners bells

jim phillips jim at p...
Tue Jun 22 23:45:10 BST 2004

I agree that it is all a matter of opinion. and the beauty lies in the ear
of the beholder. Bells that have been described as 'rubbish' on this list
by some have to me appeared to have considerable charm and interest
particularly when well rung. Unfortunately most are now so 'blocked up'
with sound control to enable as many peals as possible to be ground out that
it is now high impossible to hear them from outside the tower. What is the
point of reading a peal performance? There has been much written about
Warners but nobody has mentioned the excellent Warner eight at Emmanuel
Church, Compton Gifford, Plymouth. They are of beautiful tonal quality -
has anyone the tuning figures? I rang on them many years ago with the late
Tom Myers who described them as one of Warners mistakes.

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