Warners bells

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Sun Jun 27 17:18:01 BST 2004

>From Philip Lucas
I live across the fields from S.Michael's, Hilperton,Wiltshire and 
have the 'pleasure'? of hearing a 1909 Warner front five, with a C & 
G Mears tenor of 1853. 
My comments on the sound? The Victorian tenor sticks out like the 
proverbial sore-thumb, and spoils a sweet-sounding six. Did Warners 
attempt to re-tune it to match the others? If so, then it was a 
According to the details in the church, after work was done on the 
bells in 1953, the 4,5,&6 were tuned to B#(sic), B & B flat 
When we did an inspection in the 1970s however, we were disappointed 
to find a more conventional tuning, (albeit using my colleagues 
concertina, instead of tuning forks etc).

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