[Bell Historians] message archive

Richard Smith richard at e...
Tue Jun 29 14:23:02 BST 2004

David Bryant wrote:

> Following the discussion of earlier in the week about the
> message archive, I contacted Yahoo. It would appear that
> there is no satisfactory method of downloading messages
> from the archive, so if we want to preserve them (and I
> think we should) they will need to be copied-and-pasted
> into HTML files. They can then be made available on the
> web.

This is not quite correct: it is possible, though not easy,
to download Yahoo's archive. I suspect Yahoo claim
otherwise to avoid the tech support burden of explaining how
to do it.

I have just downloaded a complete archive of the list (up to
and including Dickon's email about attachements). These do
not include attachments, nor the 58 emails that, for
whatever reason, have been removed from the archives.
Should anyone want a copy, I'd be happy to make them

Richard Smith

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