[Bell Historians] Liverpool Cathedral Bells

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Wed Jun 30 22:31:47 BST 2004

> > 
> > The Pro- Cathedral stood where Woolworth's Store (? - memory is 
> failing!)is now. There is a metal cross inset in the pavement 
> outside.

Yes where the altar was. It HMV are in the old Wooleys shops now

They were a new 10 in 1830 by Thomas Mears and the front two recast 
in 1839.

This is what is in bell news in about 1905

St Peter, Lancashire Association. Eight bells. All by Mears, the two 
1839, the rest 1830. Tenor 24cwt. Timber frame. Bells do not go well.
Repairs by Taylor about 1890 and later by local man since when no 
length can
be rung. Ropes good. Methods: Grandsire, Stedman and Plain Bob. No 
ringing or regular practice at present as the tower has been under 

> It would be interesting to know if any of the previous ring of 
> have managed to survive - they were 'dispersed to other churches'.

Yes they were. I'm trying to find them all. I believe there is one at 
Knotty Ash and another at Christ Church Linnett Lane, but havn't 
managed to get up there yet.



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