[Bell Historians] Oldest Change Ringing bell

Susan Dalton dalton.family at v...
Wed Mar 17 19:41:23 GMT 2004

Whilst I am not myself a tremendous enthusiast for this oldest - newest -
biggest - smallest - best - worst - daftest - etc. thing, I will offer my
pennyworth that the two early bells in the heavy ring of six at Trent, near
Yeovil but now in Dorset, are probably not much newer than DLC's early bell
in the ring at St Dunstan Canterbury. You can read all about it in Dorset
Part III soon (well, fairly soon...)

One of the earliest bells I have ever rung to changes, I suppose, must be
the treble of four (if you can call it that) at Crathorne in the old North
Riding of Yorkshire (wasn't GAD there that day?). This bell must be more of
the Hampton Gay / Caversfield vintage.

Yes, putting tentative dates to early bells is much easier post-George
Elphick, but he would have been the first to admit that it still isn't an
exact science.


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