Early Rudhall rings (was Mallabys)

Andrew Bull a.bull at s...
Wed Mar 31 14:02:27 BST 2004

Chris Pickford came across a reference to it.
The bells are Rudhall 1723, 1+2 with canons, tenor canons removed (or 
broken off) at some time since their casting.
Are these one of the oldest complete Rudhall rings in existance?

Some way from it - a quick scan through the county bell lists produced the
following complete rings, and I'm sure there are many others:

Monmouth - 1706 (8)
Bibury - 1723 (6)
Colesborne - 1719 (5)
Edgeworth - 1716 (5)
English Bicknor - 1709 (5) - some cracked, under restoration
Todenham - 1713 (6)
Twyning - 1723 (6)
Willersey - 1712 (6)

Also the back eight of the ten at Christ Church, Bristol, are a complete
ring of 1716.

Andrew Bull

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