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Thu May 6 09:10:53 BST 2004

> Subject : [Bell Historians] Re: Heythrop, Oxon
> --- Nearly all of this detail is available in 
> Sharpe's 'Oxfordshire'. A much easier way of gleaning the 
> information.

But not everybody has access to this - it's reasonably rare and quite expensive (Church Green Books usually advertise it at around the £200 mark).

I wonder whether it would be worth considering scanning some of the earlierbell books and putting them on a CD for sale - To do this with Oxfordshirewould require permission as it will still be in copyright, but with the earlier ones (such as Walters) the copyright will now have expired. I think it would be a particularly good idea with county books such as Worcestershire and Shropshire, as there is nothing else on those counties available.

Does anybody have any expertise in this field? It would be interesting to know roughly how much such a project would cost.



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