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Thu May 6 09:16:58 BST 2004

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> > Subject : [Bell Historians] Re: Heythrop, Oxon
> > --- Nearly all of this detail is available in 
> > Sharpe's 'Oxfordshire'. A much easier way of gleaning the 
> > information.
> But not everybody has access to this - it's reasonably rare and 
quite expensive (Church Green Books usually advertise it at around 
the £200 mark).
> I wonder whether it would be worth considering scanning some of the 
earlier bell books and putting them on a CD for sale - To do this 
with Oxfordshire would require permission as it will still be in 
copyright, but with the earlier ones (such as Walters) the copyright 
will now have expired. I think it would be a particularly good idea 
with county books such as Worcestershire and Shropshire, as there is 
nothing else on those counties available.
> Does anybody have any expertise in this field? It would be 
interesting to know roughly how much such a project would cost.
> David

The Sharpe Trust is in the process of producing a CD ROM of Fred's 
Church Bells of Oxfordshire, which we hope will be available later in 
the year. 

Along with the Ringing World, I will post details on this list once 
it's available.


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