[Bell Historians] Menangle

David Bryant david at b...
Thu May 6 23:28:19 BST 2004

> Originally it was to be part of the proposed ring for Lismore, NSW but
this and another bell become available once again when Lismore opted to go
for the ex-Wilton ring which we subsequently acquired. This is why two of
the bells now about to be installed at Menangle were tuned by Whitechapel
and the remainder by Taylor's.

Andrew said that all except the new bell were tuned by WBF

> The frame has been constructed locally and by coincidence I was emailed
photos of it assembled outside the church. I will forward these to anyone
who is interested.

Are all fittings also being made locally. I'd be interested to see any
pictures you have.

I've sent a test email to you - let me know whether it gets through.


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