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Thu May 6 20:35:27 BST 2004

Matthew Higby is correct that Mary & I have been away on holiday for the last 4 weeks. However we have responded to all the emails we received in this period. I have double checked and we have not received any emails from David Bryant or any other person regarding the Menangle project.

Andrew Higson and others have given details of the second-hand bells. Please ask if you require any more details.

As Matthew Higby says the tenor is a bell removed from Rode Hill, Somerset. It was intennded that the sale of this bell and the two Woolverton bells would result in funds to go towards the restoration of Rode bells. However this did not happen owing to "difficult" circumstances within the village which lead to the vicar resigning and the proposed restoration scheme coming to nothing. Bob Parker removed the three bells and the Rode Hill bell was found to be cracked in the crown. The Trust paid for it to be weld repaired.

Originally it was to be part of the proposed ring for Lismore, NSW but this and another bell become available once again when Lismore opted to go for the ex-Wilton ring which we subsequently acquired. This is why two of the bells now about to be installed at Menangle were tuned by Whitechapel and the remainder by Taylor's.

The frame has been constructed locally and by coincidence I was emailed photos of it assembled outside the church. I will forward these to anyone who is interested.


PS David - could you attempt to send us an email to see if they are still failing to get through.

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