[Bell Historians] Menangle

David Bryant david at b...
Fri May 7 08:09:58 BST 2004

> If my memory serves me correctly, I think you'll find that the
> fittings at Albrighton were by James Groves, not Barwell.

My source is Chris Pickford. It's a Barwell frame - there's an original
Barwell drawing of it on the web somewhere - I'll look for it later if I get

> The frame certainly is a Groves' one, but I can't remember which
> fittings were re-used by Taylors when they recast some of the bells
> and rehung them in the late 1970s.

There's a picture on the web (again - I'll look for it if I get time) which
shows the old treble being taken away. It has what is clearly a Barwell cast
iron headstock with Taylor ball bearings.


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