Sharpe's Oxfordshire

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Fri May 7 11:21:40 BST 2004

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> RO:
> "Still subject to final confirmation, but probably between £11 & 12
> each. The price is relatively high because of the small numbers
> involved."
> Still a lot cheaper than the book, though. It always surprised me 
that the
> Sharpe trust hadn't had it reprinted like they did with 
> Does anyone know how much the Oxfordshire book is actually worth at 
> moment?
> David

We have not reprinted Church Bells of Herefordshire, we are merely 
selling the stock that remained after Fred death - the same applies 
to the Kingsmead reprint of Church Bells of Berkshire.

The cost of reprinting Church Bells of Oxfordshire would have been 
prohibitive and given that the book is now over 50 years out of date, 
we felt would have been of little value without a major revision. A 
cd rom therefore offers an economical way of making the information 
available in CBOO to the limited number of people who would be 
interested in obtaining it.

It is also interesting to note, before anyone has the idea of issuing 
all old bell books on cd rom, that the company who are doing the work 
for us prefer to make the scans from flat sheets. They have some 
software that flattens out the inevitable curvature that occurs near 
the spine of a book when it is scanned, but this puts the production 
cost up by a not insignificant amount. Luckily, we have an unbound 
copy of CBOO, so this was not a problem.


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