[Bell Historians] Re: Sharpe's Oxfordshire

David Bryant david at b...
Fri May 7 11:26:47 BST 2004

> We have not reprinted Church Bells of Herefordshire, we are merely 
> selling the stock that remained after Fred death - the same applies 
> to the Kingsmead reprint of Church Bells of Berkshire.

Did Fred reprint them himself, then? There are certainly two printings of Herefordshire - the illustration quality isn't as good in the newer ones. Also, the original volume I was hardbound and printed on a paper with a greenish tinge. The newer version is identical to the later volumes - white paper and a red card cover.

The same goes for Berkshire. There are two different Kingsmead reprints - one has a light purple cover (under the dust jacket) and the other a darker purple one.



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