[Bell Historians] Re: Sharpe's Oxfordshire

David Bryant david at b...
Fri May 7 11:43:40 BST 2004

> I wasn't aware that Volume 1 was ever reprinted. I do know that a 
> limited edition of the whole work, bound in one volume, was published 
> in 1976.

I'm not entirely sure about this complete volume - I've seen an uncut title page accompanying a volume V which is that which is bound at the front of the complete work - did Fred actually have any bound himself, or just issue the title page and the buyers had them bound? I have a complete bound volume with title page, but I think Church Green Books had that one done. The binding is very recent, in any case.

> I can ask John Baldwin if he knows what went on with CBOH if its 
> vital to know such information!

It would be interesting to know!



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