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Susan Dalton dalton.family at v...
Fri May 7 17:06:44 BST 2004

>> How often are listed bells boiled-up
> Never, and that's as it should be. If it isn't wanted for use it can be kept
> and a new one cast for not much more money-wise.

[I question the 'not much more, money-wise': the cost of casting a new bell
can be very considerable in relation to a scheme where funding is tight. I
hope, therefore, that listing will never stop bells from being transferred
by sale to other churches if appropriate. CD]
>> or tuned?
> Quite often - again, as I believe it should be.

[I agree entirely. All that ought to be required is justification for the
re-tuning. In my view the situation at Ridge, Herts., where no tuning was
permitted to a bell which - from memory - was a third of a semitone out (and
therefore well within the audibly perceptible range), was entirely
unsatisfactory. CD]

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