[Bell Historians] Heythrop, Oxon, and Albrighton, Shropshire

David Bryant david at b...
Fri May 7 22:16:27 BST 2004

> Incidentally, I think there is limited usefulness in reprinting books, or
> putting them onto CD, unless some revision/updating is done at the same
> time. Berkshire was revised before reprinting but Wiltshire (which I am
> working on now) annoyingly wasn't.

I think it's worth doing, on the basis that something well-written and
accurate is better than nothing, even if it is out-of date. Of course it
would be better is somebody did an updated version, but that isn't always
going to happen.

> Re Albrighton, this was a Barwell and not a Greenleaf job in 1901: having
> visited, and checked the Bell News reference, I am confident about this.
> Barwells installed one of their typical composite frames (for 8). All 6
> bells existing in 1980 had Barwells' iron stocks.

That's interesting - Taylor's must have reused them all. Walters, as I
recall, is not too complementary about the stocks. What have White's put on
the front three - fabricated steel or cast iron stocks? Anyone know?


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