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in the ringing note newsletter of NEANZAB from the 2nd april ron 
shepherd gave an update on current Australian projects 
st. james menangle : the 6 bells are still on display at the camden 
museum untill approx the end of may . the steel for the foundation 
members has been ordered and the top frame is almost complete .Holy 
trinity in Orange : the search is still on for a bell to complete the 
peal . the fred dukes fund has made a donation .work is due to begin 
in the 2nd half of this year . christchurch in Queanbeyan :5 bells 
have been located and secured with a trebel still to be found . 3 of 
the bells are in Australia and will need to be returned to England 
for tuning. St Augustines Balmain : two bells have been secured , 
another bell located and 5 are under discussion . another donor has 
come forward . Talks with council's heritage advisor have begun and a 
developement application will be lodged soon . All saints cathedral , 
Bathurst :the catholic bishop of bathurst, bishop Dougherty , has 
made a considerable donation to the all saints cathedral bell project.
a first draft of the architectural concept-invitation for 
subbmissions has been prepared . copies are available from me (ron 
Shepherd)if you wish to have a look and/or comment . a bell committee 
stand will be set up at "drinks with the dean " on friday 23rd april .
volunteers to staff the desk and help raise money for the tower are 
welcome . this is an exact copy of article written by mr sheperd as 
seen in a ringing note volume 20 number 2 april 2nd 2004 . i hope 
this is of interest. john.m. 
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> Does anyone have details of the new ring / frame & fittings for 
Menangle in Australia? I'm interested as the tenor is a former 
Somerset bell.
> I've tried emailing Keltek, but unusually no reply - perhaps my 
emails aren't getting through - it says on their website that there 
have been problems with this, and I know that my freeserve account 
does get bounced from some servers.
> David
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