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Tue May 11 03:57:44 BST 2004

Yes, as Ann Willis says the Ecclesiological Society report (already mentioned by Andrew Wilby) "how do we keep our parish churches" is worth looking at - makes a strong case for the survival of church buildings being linked to volunteering, and the need to reduce outside intervention and bureaucracy if this is to happen. No mention of bells and ringers, though. 

Trevor Cooper, the author, is a sensible practical sort of bloke who has, I feel, made a much-needed and level-headed attempt with this report to change the current attitude to churches and demonstrate the need for a new way forward

I've been unable to contribute for a fortnight or so, but meant to commend Andrew Wilby's suggestion of grants to compensate for cost of metal when old bells have to be preserved rather than kept in use. I did try to push for this some years ago when I was on the CCC sub-committee, as part of an effort to steer grants towards the work that was actually being done (rather than by historic interest). No interest in such an idea then, but a fresh try might be worthwhile now.


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