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I purchased some ash recently at £20/cubic foot. A cubic foot equates to 
about 14nr 2"x2"x2'-6" lengths, which makes each length £1.40. If deal/pine were 
half that amount, then each length would be 70p. That's saved 70p. Smaller  
lengths will save less. I don't mind making stays, but I'm not looking to make 
stays that are supposed to break more frequently. Even a small Warden Hill  
stay is going to take at least an hour to remove the broken bit, make a new  
one and then fit that. Unless you are retired and time isn't money, there has  
to be some sort of cost on time. Making two stays instead of one therefore  
saves nothing in materials and costs at least (at the very least) a fiver  
extra. Sorry, I can't see the logic that it saves costs.

WH stays are all 1 Inch square - I can buy an 8 foot length of 1" x 1" rough 
cut pine for about £1.80 at the local DIY which would make about 8 stays -  
making stays 22.5p each. If it took me more than 15 mins to make and changeone 
of that size - I would start to worry!

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