CCC and ringers' accountability

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Sat May 15 20:19:04 BST 2004

--- I think some clarification is needed concerning Bedford. Which 
person appointed John Long as Tower Captain? Were there other 
candidates, and if so why was preference given to John Long? Which 
people were involved in the appointment of John Long? If he was the 
only candidate, was voted in by the ringers and was endorsed by the 
Vicar then that is the end of the matter - desirable or not.

In his letter to RW Mark said that there were more peal attempts at 
Worcester Cathedral and St. Mary le Bow this year than at Bedford.  
For whatever reasons, this certainly was not the case before Mark's 
arrival at these two towers. I remember asking Jack Phillips at Bow, 
on a Lord Mayor's Show Day, if there was also a peal attempt at 
Cornhill. The response was, 'No, don't want to make them cheap!' The 
same attitude prevailed at other towers under his influence and he 
was successful in stopping regular peal attempts at Jewry. Worcester, 
as was well known, only had one peal attempt per year. Because of 
this regime, structural problems etc. etc. My 'turn' came round in 
1996. My initial request was made in October 1971. I think Michael 
Chilcott waited a similar time

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> I've just sent this to the RW. There's lots in common between what's
> been happening at Bedford (and elsewhere) and the concerns many 
> about the CAC and DAC advisors. Please let me have your views. I 
> this is controversial. I'd much rather people say what they think

> "Responsibility and accountability
> John Long's and James Saunders' letters would be fun if the reality 
> not so serious.]

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