[Bell Historians] CCC and ringers' accountability

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Tue May 18 11:01:46 BST 2004

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> Absolutely.
> Yesterday I was at a six in my patch which had been shut for no good
> reason at all. The local ringers were thrilled to bits when we 
said 'OK
> you can ring again' This was after a 12 year silence.
> Mark
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This all goes to show how inconsistent the whole system is between 
diocese - and this is not meant in any way as a criticism of either 
George or Mark, who are obviously carry out their jobs in the way 
their DACs require them to. With such a wide range of 
interpretation around the country, one can well see why the 
Government is looking closely at the whole process of Ecclesiastical 

Exactly the same problem seems to exist with the 3Cs' lists - in some 
places they are considered to be mandatory, in others they are used 
as a reference guide only.

What a mess ...that sums up the whole of the C of E at the moment 


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