[Bell Historians] DAC bell consultants

George Dawson George at d...
Tue May 18 12:48:46 BST 2004

> There is also the point that there can be a conflict of
> when a DAC bell consultant is also on the CCC Bells and Clock Committee
> therefore representing the CCC.

There is no, or should not be, any conflict of loyalties. I am both a CCC
bells committee member & member of, and bells & bellframes advisor to
Leicester DAC. The ONLY time I do ANYTHING for the CCC is when Headquarters
in the person of the Officers(employees) ask me to do an inspection, or when
I am cataloguing a Diocese (when HQ write to inform the Diocese what I am
doing & ask for the cooperation of the relevant clergy). At no time am I
allowed to say I am a member of the Bells Committee of the CCC when involved
in advice to a parish generally.
Similarly when advising in the Diocese of Leicester enquiries come via the
Diocese or my address in the Diocesan Year Book, and again whilst looking at
installations in the Diocese in a proactive way, I say who I am & why I want
to have a look.
Anywhere else I am plain George Dawson a bell historian/archaeologist,
interested in bells & their installation.
I am sure that other people in a similar situation to me do the same.


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