[Bell Historians] DAC bell consultants

Susan Dalton dalton.family at v...
Sun May 23 18:43:53 BST 2004

>From: "George Dawson" 
CD: There is also the point that there can be a conflict of
> interests/loyalties
>> when a DAC bell consultant is also on the CCC Bells and Clock Committee
> and therefore representing the CCC.
GAD: There is no, or should not be, any conflict of loyalties. I am both a
CCC bells committee member & member of, and bells & bellframes advisor to
> Leicester DAC...
> I am sure that other people in a similar situation to me do the same.
[That is of course what one would like to hope, in an ideal world, but as
George will know there are one or two other members of this now infamous (!)
committee where I could not feel absolutely sure. (George will also know
that I was not thinking of him!)

Again in an ideal world, there would be enough bell experts to go round to
avoid putting any in the invidious position of potentially representing the
interests of more than one body. If nothing else, being on the CCC Bells
and Clocks Committee must colour one's thinking, however slightly, as a DAC
bells consultant. CD]

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