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Wed May 19 18:25:41 BST 2004

I have resisted the temptation to respond - until now. The only certainty is when bells are actually hung in the tower; many things can change. The current position is that the two trebles plus fittings have been collected by Matthew Higby and put into storage until such time a scheme can get underway at Church Knowle, Dorset. They do not have a faculty yet and anything could happen!

Bells 3 to 7 have been collected by Jeremy Warren for possible use at Attleborough, Norfolk. They wish to install a lighter ring and use the existing fourth as the tenor of 6/8. Again there is a long way to go and they do not have the necessary approvals for the work to proceed.

As Attleborough did not want the eighth, this has been sold to Coleorton to replace a bell of poorer tone.

Although we tried to find home for the remaining bells there was no interest. The 10th was considered as scrap as it was badly cracked.


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