Richard Offen richard.offen at o...
Thu May 20 09:41:38 BST 2004

> Bells 3 to 7 have been collected by Jeremy Warren for possible use 
at Attleborough, Norfolk. They wish to install a lighter ring and use 
the existing fourth as the tenor of 6/8. Again there is a long way to 
go and they do not have the necessary approvals for the work to 
> As Attleborough did not want the eighth, this has been sold to 
Coleorton to replace a bell of poorer tone.
> Although we tried to find home for the remaining bells there was no 
interest. The 10th was considered as scrap as it was badly cracked.
> Dave
Thanks David. 

It appears Kettering PC did, pretty well, know where their bells were 


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