[Bell Historians] Re: Kettering

Richard Offen richard.offen at o...
Thu May 20 18:06:30 BST 2004

 (And bloomin' well complain if they are 
> not up to scratch!)
> Mike

Absolutely right! How many towers actually get the founders/hangers 
back if something is not right? Not all that many in my experience.

I remember, a few years ago, ringing on a new peal which had only 
been installed a few years before. One of the bells had a period of 
swing which was decidedly out of kilter with the rest of the ring and 
the locals told me so. "Why didn't you get the foundry back to put 
it right?" I asked. 

"Do you think they would have done?"

"They certainly would if you refuse to pay the bill until it's right!"

"Oh yes, we didn't think of that!"

And this from members of a pretty experienced band of ringers ...I 
give up!


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